30 min |  $100 per month
45 min |  $150 per month
60 min |  $200 per month
30 min |  Pre-twinkle - Suzuki Book 3
45 min |  Suzuki Book 3 - Suzuki Book 5
60 min |  Suzuki Book 4 and up

  • FaceTime
  • Skype
  • Zoom
  • Google Meet

What does tuition cover?

  • For beginning level students - Tuition covers three private lessons and one group lesson per month

  • ​For intermediate and advanced students - Tuition covers four lessons per month (three lessons per month the months group class is held) and four group classes per year
    • if there is a fifth week there will only be four lessons and one week will be taken off

  • Two recitals per year and associated fees

  • Time spent in preparation for student's lesson, bookkeeping, developing curriculum, lesson planning, etc.

  • Expenses of the Studio, copying, incentive programs, website, practice booklets, teaching materials

  • Self-employment taxes

  • Continuing of my education, classes that keep me current on methods and techniques

Tuition is due the first week of every month, and may be paid with cash, check or Venmo.