Fall Semester (September-December) tuition covers 14 lessons.  We will take two weeks off for Christmas and a week off for Thanksgiving.

Spring Semester (January-May) tuition covers 17 lessons.  We will take one week off for Spring Break.

Three weeks are not covered by these 31 lessons, these are reserved for the teacher to take off in case of illness or vacation. Students get these three lessons free if the teacher chooses not to take them off.

Summer Semester (June-August) tuition covers 10 lessons.  Morgan understands that summers are busy with travel and other events so she will work out a schedule that is mutually convenient.


The purpose of group lessons is to build unity and friendship with other musicians in the studio, performance practice as a soloist as well as in a group, and music theory practice.  Morgan's studio will occasionally combine with other violin studios for group lessons to broaden the student's opportunity to meet and work with other students. Two group lessons will be held during Fall Semester and two during Spring Semester.


A three day camp will be offered during Summer Semester.  Morgan's studio will collaborate with other music studios and study theory, ear training, practice techniques, and music history.  During the camp students will also get performance practice in front of peers and the opportunity to build friendships.  Camp will be held for two hours each of the three days.  This is optional but encouraged. If attendance for all three days is not possible, partial attendance to camp is an option.


Two recitals will be held throughout the year, one during Fall Semester and one during Spring Semester.  A few casual Christmas recitals will also be held in December.




Please let the teacher know as soon as possible if you plan to miss a lesson.

There will be five hours of make up lessons offered every month.  Once those hours are filled no more make up lessons will be offered that month.  If needed, switching lesson times one week with another student may be done. Please contact the student you are wanting to exchange with (I do not take the responsibility of switching lesson times but please let me know if this is done).

Lesson time & practice 

Please be on time.  Tardiness results in loss of lesson time.  If the teacher is late lesson time will be made up on her account.  However, if a student is late the teacher is not obligated to make up the lost time.

Practice = Progress. The more a student practices the more they will excel.  At every lesson the teacher will set goals and assignments with the student that should be practiced at home.  At least five days of quality practice should take place during the week. It is understood that life can be busy and occasionally will prevent practice, but students who continue to avoid practicing will not progress.

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